DTU wireless data transmission and system solutions provider

DTU wireless data transmission and system solutions provider

— —GPRS DTU wireless data transmission terminals, DTU module for industrial
— —intelligent wireless remote measurement and control terminals (GPRS)

DTU-002 built-in GPRS DTU (Data Terminal Unit) is the end product based on the GPRS data communication network. Based on public data transmission network with a wide range of communication, the characteristics of transmission is stable, reliable, applicable to electric power, environmental protection monitoring, car, water conservancy, financial, street lamp control, heat pipe network, coal mine, oil field industries. Products designed to meet a variety of industry-standard protocols, enabling the user device to the data center remotely transparent data communications.

According to different user requirements can provide different custom module, which requires a combination of industry-specific hardware, software development and systems integration. GPRS mobile data network channel can provide TCP/IP connection, can be used in various applications such as INTERNET connection and data transmission. The DTU-002 built-in GPRS DTU (Data Terminal Unit) data module is designed for serial data transmission via GPRS mobile data network GPRS wireless devices.

This product is for power system automation, industrial monitoring applications, traffic management, weather, finance, water industry, the oil industry, the municipal sector, the environmental protection industry, agriculture and other sectors of the application, taking into account the needs of the various aspects of network application sectors in the network virtual private network data structure. For multi-point, scattered small amount of data transmission for multi-point center.

Product Features:

  • Standard industrial grade product, EMC anti-interference design, strong ability to adapt to the environment
  • Independent research and development with a real-time operating system
  • Operating frequency using the 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ, quad-band applicable to all countries
  • Advanced and strict data communication protocol, comes with error correction and encryption, data loss never.