Sales Staff

1. In accordance with the company marketing plan to develop customer.
2. Visit and contact with customers, try to know customer needs.
3. Timely handling of customer needs and feedback to customer,co-ordinate and maintain good customer relations layers;
4. Collection, analysis, summarize related customer needs and market dynamics;
5. Develops the market, seeking new customers, to convey to the client of the company's concept, follow up and implement the company's services;
6. Implementation of sales strategies to achieve sales goals established by the company within the prescribed time;

1. Familiar with electronic products trade, more than two years experience in electronic product sales.
2. Quick thinking, flexible, strong communication and presentation skills.
3. Skilled use of WORD, EXCEL and other office software, have a basic knowledge of the network.
4. Have a serious and responsible work attitude, motivated, strong executive ability, and have good team cooperation spirit .
5. Have a certain judgement and decision-making ability, interpersonal ability, communication skills, planning and execution skills, customer service skills .
6. Have been engaged in consumer electronics sales is prefered, such as smart phones, tablets, etc.

Please send your resume written in the body of the message, do not send an attachment, follow the position+ name + title format access to information delivered to the specified mailbox.